Thoughts From Kat's Clients


"Kat has changed my life. I started doing private sessions with her when I had just moved back to Malibu from Canada. I had been under stress, had gained weight and was out of whack spiritually.

Kat helped change all that. We started slowly and little by little I regained my spiritual center and previous fitness level. She is a “yoga teacher” in every sense of the word. Unlike many classes I had attended where you have new teachers who don’t understand the philosophy behind yoga and just have you doing calisthenics and call it yoga, Kat incorporates spiritual teaching into her sessions. The work I’ve done with her has literally been life-changing. And it doesn’t hurt that she is one of the nicest, most upbeat people you’ll ever meet.

After Covid hit, she wisely started offering her classes online. She got a group of fabulous teachers together and built a schedule appropriate for every fitness level. I love the variety her online site offers. And her own classes still pack a spiritual punch. I cannot say enough good things about this gem of a person and the community she has created!" - Heather S. Coaching & Yoga Client, Malibu, CA


"Kat is an incredibly tuned-in teacher, both to the individual and to the community as a whole. Her insight has uplifted and refocused me during challenging life times and also settled me and filled me with gratitude while in the flow.

Her classes, both online and in person, shift me to a tuned in, focused and learning place within. And that carries on through the rest of my day.

Kat uses themes and monthly areas of focus which always seem to align right where I need the attention both physically and spiritually. When practicing with her on a regular basis, there is a flow, growth and connection to a much greater message.

Physically, her classes allow and encourage us to move at our own pace and acknowledge when to challenge ourselves and when to surrender. Her tips for alignment are clear and concise and I feel the shift in physical comfort as well as energetic flow with each one.

One of the most beautiful parts of practicing with Kat, is that there is a synchronicity in the insights she shares and an amazing connection to where I am on any given day.

She is “next level” and a loving and wise soul for whom I have much gratitude.  - Roxane B. Yoga Student, Malibu, CA

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I've been taking yoga classes for 14 years and I can confidently say that Kat is hands down my favorite instructor I’ve had, and her classes take on the most regenerative energy I’ve ever experienced. With Kat’s magnetic leadership and integrity in instruction, she cultivates this reliable, safe space for students to feel freedom of expression within it — and keep coming back for more.

By setting the tone with a remarkable quote or short philosophical lesson, Kat brings a rare depth and intention to the movement that follows. I know I can trust her words and follow her guidance throughout the practice, which in turn gives me confidence along the way as I follow my own intention for being there. 

Each class, Kat places significant emphasis on the breath, which acts like a checkpoint for presence in the gentlest way. As an athlete, I also appreciate the level of physical challenge Kat offers - although she is entirely accommodating making sure every movement is adaptable for all abilities. I know that by showing up I will squeeze out every last drop of the stress/emotion I’ve been holding onto that day, and leave stronger and more focused than when I arrived. 

With Kat’s classes it comes down to what you want out of it and how present you can be to work towards your goals because she is already there, showing up for you, giving 200% every single time."  - Mollie S. Yoga Student, Maidera, Portugal 


I just wanted to send you a quick note saying what an awesome first week of classes on your new venture's soft launch.  It was exactly what I needed and am always amazed that somehow your message pertains to something I am trying to figure out and work on even if I didn’t know I needed to reflect on it. 

I have constant FOMO! LOL! and knew I just wanted to stay home yesterday but when asked to go out with friends I said yes.  I had a good time but the practice and message your shared yesterday made me reflect on why I said yes. Of course I woke up annoyed and mad at myself since I am dragging today when I have a ton to do but instead of being completely annoyed with myself I am trying to sit in my space of annoyance and try to understand why I repeat certain cycles, and how I can adjust my body and actions to feel better overall and not have FOMO remorse. Thank You for teaching a lesson that I never thought about but need so much! Look forward to next weeks classes! - Camille H., Coaching & Yoga Client, Upton, MA

"Kat is a phenomenal instructor, guide and coach. With Kat, yoga is more than just the physical movement as she challenges each student to go deeper and ask the hard questions spiritually and mentally. In her classes, you will build stronger abs, glutes and core strength, the lasting power is the resilience and truth you’ll learn from within. This is the Kat magic. 

I first met Kat when I was working at a tech company. I was struggling to find my way there and the stress of it all made some days hard to process. But through her classes a few times a week, she helped me find the courage to listen to what I truly needed, and the power I possessed all along. She’s worked in the corporate world before and knows the doubts that come with the culture and helped me uncover my own tools to cope and thrive daily. With Kat, you get an amazing workout & life changing work-in."- Kalia S. Yoga Student, Oakland,CA
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"I came home after my freshman year at Georgetown University and I knew that I needed to restructure my relationship with school and stress if I wanted to continue a rigorous education for three more years. I started going to Kat’s yoga classes at Malibu Beach Yoga, and one day, I built up the courage to ask her for the most foundational book that she has read throughout her spiritual journey. She took a minute to think and then responded affirmatively with Freedom from the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti. I immediately picked up a copy and started digesting the material. It was dense, rich, and completely stopped me in my tracks. It was the first step that I needed to take to see my own power and capacity to overcome the entanglement of thoughts and assumptions that were leading to chronic stress and anxiety.

I started building a relationship with Kat that summer and she quickly became the most important mentor and voice of reason in my life. In spite of the copious amounts of writing that I’ve done at Georgetown, I still don’t have the words to articulate the changes that I’ve seen in myself through my relationship with Kat. She makes me feel more life myself.

She teaches by guiding me to my own intuition and in doing so, she has empowered me to find my voice and to realize that I am incredibly independent in how I think about and navigate the world. I am an infinitely better student, daughter, sister, friend, peer, and overall human because of the work that I’ve done and will continue to do with Kat. I am so grateful for her dedication to show people how to quiet the mind, strip away layers upon layers of social conditioning, & find our own senses of freedom and power."  - Charlotte J. Coaching Client, Malibu, CA


"Eight years ago I had lost my father and split up with my husband of 17 years. Kat played an intricate part in my healing process. Her words alone guided me to a place of clarity! Her classes were always over flowing with people but she always made room for one more! Now 6 years later in the midst of Covid 19, I've found myself again searching for her wisdom, her voice, her smile.

Thank you Kat for giving me the opportunity to build such great physical and spiritual strength! I feel so fortunate to have you right around the corner, what a gift!

P.S. The only down side is that once you experience Kat’s class you won’t want to take yoga from anyone else!" – Katherine K. Coaching & Yoga Client, Malibu, CA

"Kat McGee you are my sunshine! I mean it! Every word you say I feel it's directly for me! You shift my day and my mood and you make my week. Can't thank you enough for all that positivity, powerful energy and love!!" - Jaqualine D. Yoga Client, Paris, France 

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“I have been taking private classes with Kat for over a year. Its not just yoga, it’s an experience. I’m a Venice beach native, and I have the privilege to take any exercise class available in Venice, Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills. I can tell you without a doubt that yoga with Kat is beyond any other class I’ve ever taken. I listen to her call out individual muscles to isolate, and I know she’s the real deal.

I’m a Nurse, and I would have recognized any mistakes made. When you partner with this woman, your life changes as rapidly as your body. All yoga studios give the Mind, Body, Spirit perspective. Kat teaches it, coaches it, and enhances it in ways I’ve not found with other instructors. My transformation has been phenomenal, even with multiple injuries to work around.

The personal connection Kat establishes with her client is unheard of in this shallow environment we live in today and I’m in it with her for as long as she’ll have me as a client.”- Renica P. Coaching & Yoga Client, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been taking yoga classes here and there over the last year but never really got into it till I took a class from Kat. Yoga all of a sudden made sense because Kat combines the physical work and blends it with your own spirituality. One works better with the other and if we are in tune then the body can find amazing strength. She changed my life on many levels. Grateful she shares her knowledge so generously.” – Simone H. Yoga Student, Malibu, CA 


"I signed up for Kat’s 21 Day Spring Transformation Challenge before I had even met her, simply because my friend told me she was “amazing”.

I can attest—my friend was not wrong! After the first session, Kat’s precise intuition left me feeling like she already knew. Amazing is one of many words I would use to describe working with her, (which was so light, uplifting and enjoyable, it wasn’t really work at all), but the word that best describes my experience is… Magical… and I don’t use that word lightly!

The gifts I received were abundant—her vast knowledge, her infectious spirit, her presence, her radiance, her compassion, her understanding, her kindness—and she gave me so many nuggets of invaluable wisdom that I now look at life in a different way. She’s that powerful! Above all, she really cares about her clients, from the heart.

By the end of the challenge, I felt realigned, renewed, and like I just got a visit from a fairy who sprinkled me with magical dust. Kat is one of those rare gems I was fortunate enough to stumble across in this lifetime; anyone else who gets to do the same is truly blessed." - Petra K. Coaching Client, New York, NY

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"Kat’s class and her words make my day. Her message and music perfectly match her flow, which leaves you feeling strong and ready for the day ahead. I can’t say enough good things about her (her loving energy is infectious!) or her yoga/meditation classes. I am so grateful to have met her and for the amazing impact she has had on my life through the lessons she shares (the dharma) and the physical practice." - Rotem P. Yoga Student, Malibu, CA 

"Dearest Kat, I am so grateful to be able to be in your classes again.  I love being a listener to your wisdom. Thank you. My body feels so good from this new routine of yoga. I would take YOGA ZOOM with you before any real life class in NYC!  Seriously. I love your message of “remembering to remember” who we are, and just to take care as we navigate during this time. I also love your quote of the river beautiful. See u soon my friend. Much love from Maine! " - Carrie S. Yoga Student, Wells, ME

"Thank you for the practice - so helpful and grounding. Your smile and energy is awesome. And now having the additional flexibility of “recorded Kat” is really an indulgence. I’m sure I speak for all of us that we are so grateful you are willing to persevere. I for one get so much out of your classes and your teachings. Thank you for all your support, sweaty yoga and incredible mind and mindfulness. You rock Ms Kat." - Sue E. Yoga Student, Malibu, CA 


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