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The word Dharma refers to the inherent nature of reality.  Simply put, Dharma means universal truth. Each of Kat's talks builds on an important, actionable lesson based in Kat's practical approach to wisdom.

Our library features topics that tap into Kat's learning from a life of study of Eastern Philosophy and Psychology, wisdom found in the teachings of our great spiritual masters. Each of our library topics is a 9-12 part series of 3-10 minute segments. Watch a little bit each day, or watch a topic that really speaks to you all the way through - whatever pace works for you.

The Dharma Talk Library is free to all. If Kat's teaching or content has helped support your growth and you feel you'd like to give back, please go to her Patreon Page and contribute to the ongoing support of her website, Dharma library and the reach of these teachings.

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The Alchemy of Contraction

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In the Alchemy of Contraction series Kat teaches us how we can use our reactivity to transform our fear into awareness. She explains that as we become aware of how the body and mind react and contract when we are triggered, we can create within ourselves the ability to use that information to fuel less reactivity and return to presence and peace more quickly and consistently. 

Beautifying Our Motivations

We all have a unique grouping of personal needs.  Until we are clear on what our needs are and how to meet them they can unconsciously motivate us towards unhealthy behaviors.  In this series Kat discusses how we can start to understand what motivates us and teaches us how we can purify and beautify our motivations and make healthier choices. 
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Living Lightly

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It’s easy on our spiritual and life journey to get so caught up in the intensity of what is hindering our growth process that it starts to feel like heavy work.  Although it is daunting to work to disentangle ourselves from our patterns, Kat believes that the deeper we go into understanding and healing them, the lighter and more free we become.  In this series she highlights the importance of taking time to notice where we are, lighten up and enjoy life more. 
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Pain is inevitable in the human experience. Understanding painful experiences, learning how to stop avoiding them and instead process them fully is what allows us to live in a state of genuine joy. In this series Kat gives us an actionable understanding of how we can recalibrate our perception of pain and live more blissfully. 

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Giving Ourselves to the Goodness

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In this series Kat outlines the importance of claiming the gifts and abundance in our lives. She teaches us how we can commit to clearing the mental lens and redirecting our inward focus to more readily create an internal state that supports a mentality of abundance. 
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We are luminous beings who have arrived from “glorious origins”.  Often in our regular, daily life experience we start to feel as if we are trapped in the mundane happenings. In this series, originally titled Evolving Back to Our Soul Light, Kat helps us remember the eternal quality of our true nature and the nourishment for our soul that resides there.  She discusses how we can return to that knowledge in order to resource sustenance for our path in our day to day lives.  
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Moving With Grace

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When we are awake and aware we begin to realize that all of life is genuinely happening for our growth and expansion.  In the Moving with Grace series, Kat helps us understand how the Life that is living through us and as us, is meant to be an enhancement to our experience and in turn, helps us come to learn how we can become an enhancement to everything and everyone we encounter.  


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