Kat's Philosophy

Hi Beautiful Human!  I am so thrilled that you are here! 

It is my passion and my life’s work to guide people to the memory of their own innate wisdom and ignite their ability to live their full potential freely and unapologetically.

I have been a devout student committed to understanding the true meaning of freedom since I was old enough to ask my mother the bigger questions, basically since I was four years old.  She wisely directed me to read about the various religions and philosophies I was curious about and encouraged me to develop an understanding through my own personal study and lived experience. I am forever thankful for the gift of curiosity and spaciousness she gave me. 

I have personally journeyed through seasons of dogma, traversed valley’s of doubt, waded through unhealthy societal and cultural conditioning, overcome mountains of the “good opinion” of other people and stood on the mountaintop of freedom.  I genuinely relate to you because I have personally been fully in this messy, beautiful human thing too. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a guide and fellow traveler on this path to live more joyfully and more free!

My personal philosophy: 


I believe freedom in its truest form is freedom from the suffering we inflict upon ourselves with our own chronic, conditioned thinking.  Real freedom is not only possible; as we relate to our inner life with curiosity, consideration, compassion and commitment, it is inevitable.


I believe the pathway to freedom from self doubt is through the release of self condemnation. Being a teacher of wisdom and doing my dead level best to live it, I am still totally human myself and believe that it is our perceived flaws and failings that give us the chance to use our free will to practice self compassion and neutrality.  The only way we will ever be able to wholly offer those qualities of care to others is when we can first offer them wholly to ourselves.  I believe our shortcomings and reactions are our most beautiful teachers when we use them to lean into healthy responsibility and self compassion rather than self condemnation. 


I  believe we are  infinitely creative! We can develop a kind relationship with the powerful instrument that is our own mind and we can come to relate to our emotions with understanding.  When we do this we become fully integrated, empowered to live our most authentic and joyful expression and we encode within ourselves the certainty of realizing our full potential.

To Freedom! 


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