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Kat helps her clients reorient their lives and thinking to achieve the potential and fulfillment they are looking for. Currently through one-on-one sessions via video chat or safe distance outdoors, she and her clients work in 60 minute sessions to identify the emotional barriers and programming that are limiting them and holding them in old patterns that no longer serve them well.

What exactly is Transformational Coaching? Is it the same as Life Coaching? 

The short answer is, although there are similarities, Transformational Coaching is not the same as Life Coaching.  Life coaching typically works at the behavioral level, implementing new actions, goal setting, etc., which absolutely can be beneficial. Transformational Coaching, however, goes to the root of perceptions, shifting how one sees themselves and their limitations at the origins of their subconscious programming. 

Once this shift happens, unhealthy, limiting patterns of behavior and self-defeating ways of being often dissolve on their own. For the very “sticky” patterns, the client finds they have a sense of courage and empowerment to take the necessary actions to be free. The actions are easy once the limiting perception is dealt with at the root.  

Kat's Coaching Approach

Kat has developed a unique coaching approach. Through her Instant Insight Technique® she brings her clients actionable tools based in mindfulness practice, as well as mental pattern interrupts that will shift years of subconscious programming instantly.

Her method puts clients in immediate contact with the memory of their own authentic power. It connects them to an understanding of their inner-independence and original knowing - the part of themselves that existed long before any programming or conditioning was installed.  She often says, “once you ‘know’ something for yourself, you can’t ‘unknow’ that information”.

This means that once you make contact with and have felt the experience of your highest Wisdom, then taking action, even action that might feel momentarily uncomfortable, is simple. For example, leaving an unhealthy relationship or work environment or making the leap into an exciting new chapter, becomes simple because all action taken from that place of Wisdom leads to genuine peace. It also creates a sort of alchemy of universal support and flow where, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “doors will open where you wouldn’t have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” 

Coaching Sessions

There is currently a waiting list for Transformational Coaching sessions with Kat. If you are interested in personal, one-on-one coaching and would like to be considered for the waiting list, please use the contact link and she will get in touch with you directly to set up a free 30 minute consultation call. 

Kat's Instant Insight Technique®

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* Transformational Coaching is not a substitute for professional medical care.

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