Instant Insight Technique®


Kat’s years of coaching work resulted in her proprietary coaching method, the Instant Insight Technique®.
This is a four-point approach to evaluating and refocusing your thinking and actions in a way that helps you understand the relationship between your thoughts and emotional processes. Through this you will start to develop a friendlier relationship with your own mind and thoughts, resulting in a more creative, joyful and empowered experience in your life.
Using this approach, people who work with Kat find that they gain a heightened perspective of their life experiences and relationships, and a clarified and deeper connection to their heart and intuition. With this comes a spark of insight and understanding that is instantaneously empowering and motivates them to action.  


Kat’s Instant Insight Technique® in a nutshell: 

  • MIND - How to become more aware of your thoughts and begin to direct them intentionally rather than being held captive by them
  • NEEDS - Defining personal needs that can drive behaviors and making them conscious, supporting more rational responses and effective communication
  • VALUES - Clarifying personal values and how to use them as a checkpoint for your choices
  • BOUNDARIES - Understanding how to create healthy, internal and external boundaries that directly affect our choices and actions 


You’ll be given tools to use immediately that will help you bring a more relaxed approach to those life experiences you find to be a challenge. Overall, Kat’s Instant Insight Technique® will provide you the way to bring well-being into all areas of your life more consistently. 

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“The magic of my sessions with you is that my ability to experience self care, love and what matters, actually shifts more quickly than it ever has.  I was absolutely supposed to meet you when I did.  When I put into practice all we talk about and the information I receive from you, I just can’t wait to share with you all the personal triumphs.  I so value our sessions and YOU!” - Dana A.


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