Online Class Details and Etiquette

What You Need 

  •  You DO NOT need an account with Zoom but you must have the zoom app installed on a device with a video camera.  Download Zoom Here anytime before class

  • Yoga mat, water bottle

  • Support items - these can be traditional Yoga props or what you have available (throw pillows, blankets, beach towels, books)

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely 

Timing & Entry to Class

  • We will aim to start and finish our online classes on time

  • Log on 10 minutes before the designated class time for community chat if this appeals to you (not required!)

  • Admittance to class will close at 5 minutes after class starts. Even though this is a virtual format, we want the recordings you receive to be as clean as possible and late admittance disrupts the video

Making Your Space Work For You

  • Zoom will allow you to get live instruction, and will allow our teachers to see their students as well. You can turn your camera off if you wish, however, if you desire personal alignment notes and refinements you’ll want to leave it on.

  • We suggest positioning your screen directly 3-4 feet in front of you, maybe on a chair where it will be closer to your eye level during your workout, and provide a full body view for Kat when your camera is on.

  • Select a space where your mat can lay with the short end facing the front of the screen.

  • Make sure your sound is muted, or the class camera and video will feature you on screen instead of Kat and disrupt the flow of the class.

What to Expect 

Being virtual has multiple advantages, especially in the current environment. Even though we are not present in the physical sense, Kat (and any Guest Teacher) are energetically 100% present. With virtual streaming more than ever we ask you to be sure to look after yourself. Slow down, check in with your body often and know any suggestions given are just that, suggestions. Take what works, leave what doesn’t.  YOU ARE YOUR BEST TEACHER.

This is a therapeutic, healing practice, let’s try our best not to compromise this. There are no expectations, come with an open mind, and let’s have some fun!

And Breathe

Please Be Patient

Occasionally with streaming live there might be some hiccups - please know we are always working hard to create the best experience for you.

We want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Please know that is our ultimate intention and we are so appreciative of your patience as we endeavor to curate that.

This is Your Time: Have Fun!

You have likely allocated this time to practice before you start class, so...consider doing yourself the kindness of making space from distractions like the phone or TV. That being said, we’re all doing this remotely, and things can pop up for all of us, so be easy and light-hearted about all of it!