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Dharma & Power Flow Yoga w/ Kat McGee

For Body and Spirit - All Levels
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday - 9am 

Kat's Dharma Power Flow is something truly special.  The word Dharma refers to the inherent nature of reality.  Simply put, Dharma means universal truth.  Each of Kat's classes begins with one of the short, inspirational Dharma talks Kat is known for. Each talk builds on an important, actionable lesson based in Kat's practical approach to wisdom.

Every element of the class, from the strong and balanced physical practice to the seeds of illumination planted throughout, is architected to create clarity. You will leave her classes filled with understanding, lightness and inspiration that you can carry with you into the day, the week ahead; even your lifetime. And you won't have to workout afterward either ;)

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Livestream and On Demand

Livestream everyday with our incredible Master Teachers, or watch them on your own schedule in the On Demand Studio. Each teacher brings a distinctive practice designed to energize and strengthen you and I'm personally overjoyed to have them on and encourage you to check out their amazing offerings offsite. You'll love their unique styles! - Kat McGee

Monday - 9am 
Yoga for Joy - All Levels 

Teacher - Devarshi Steven Hartman, ERYT

Devarshi's 60 minute Yoga for Joy class is dedicated to increasing and moving prana (life force energy) throughout the entire body and incorporates powerful breath work and Kundalini inspired movement intermingled with periods of pause between movements to check in. You will leave this class feeling enhanced and filled with joy. 

Devarshi is the founder of Pranotthan Yoga School. His Yoga for Joy class emerged from 45 years of teaching teachers. 


Wednesday - 9am 
Power Flow Yoga - All Levels 

Teacher - Hannah Grasso, ERYT

Hannah's 60 Minute Power Flow class is designed to be a great physical workout while simultaneously bringing you back into deep connection with your Earthen vessel and Mother Earth herself. You will leave this class feeling balanced and rooted within yourself. 

Hannah's Power Flow Yoga style is steeped in her powerful embodiment method as an International Women's Embodiment Teacher, Birth Doula and Mother. Hanna Grasso


Thursday - 7:30am
Deep Stretch Yin Yoga - All Levels

Teacher - Mona Therese Winston, ERYT

Mona's 60 Minute Deep Stretch Yin class was created to open the fascial tissues of the body to more easily move healing pranic energy throughout the tissues.  Longer holds in each position emphasis the meditative quality of this practice.  You will leave this class feeling deeply relaxed and at peace. 

Mona's Deep Stretch Yin Yoga style is richly influenced by her decades long experience as an immersive Zen Meditation Teacher, Bodyworker and Healer. Mona Therese Winston also on Viking TV 

Exclusively In Our On Demand Studio

With a new class posted at the start of each week in our On Demand Studio, these teachers will add a valuable dimension to your Yoga practice.
On Demand
Meditative Gentle Yoga - All Levels

Teacher - Jovinna Chan, ERYT

Jovinna's 60 minute Meditative Gentle Yoga style has been created to soothe the nervous system.  Slow movements and introspective listening open the body at a very gentle pace and have a calming effect on both the body and mind.  You will leave this class feeling soothed and nourished.

Jovinna's Meditative Gentle Yoga style radiates her love of mother nature and her many years of training and teaching Conscious Dance, Yoga and transformational programs worldwide. Jovinna Chan


On Demand
Intro to Ashtanga - All Levels 

Teacher - Vivienne Lechner 

Vivienne's 60 minute Intro to Ashtanga class is an introduction to the traditional Half Primary Series of postures as created by Pattabhi Jois.  Vivienne also blends helpful modifications and encourages freedom of expression making Ashtanga yoga accessible to all. You will leave this class feeling conscious and connected. 

Vivienne's Intro to Ashtanga yoga class is inspired by her years of training and guidance with many master teachers including Bryan Kest and Richard Freedman, as well as her intense dedication to mindful education and her own lifelong Ashtanga practice. Vivienne Lechner


 On Demand
Yoga Barre & Sculpt - All Levels 

Teacher - Nancy Norby

Nancy's 60 minute Yoga Barre & Sculpt class is a core centric, full body workout. She blends vinyasa-based yoga with key elements of barre to create a strong and upbeat flow.  Light 1 to 3lb weights are optional. You will leave this class feeling stronger and more energized. 

Nancy's Yoga Barre & Sculpt class was created through over 30 years of inspiring students, new teachers and clients with her secret to obtaining a long and lean body. Nancy Norby


On Demand 
Hatha Yoga - All Levels 

Teacher - Mona Therese Winston, ERYT

Mona’s 60 minute Hatha Yoga class is just the right blend and balance of physical engagement and relaxed tempo. With time spent in each posture to focus on alignment and breath, this practice is perfect for newer practitioners who want to familiarize themselves with the physical postures of yoga and great for seasoned practitioners who prefer a moderate physical workout. You will leave this class feeling open and balanced, physically and mentally.

Mona's Hatha Yoga style is richly influenced by her decades long experience as an immersive Zen Meditation Teacher, Bodyworker and Healer. Mona Therese Winston also on Viking TV