Corporate Employee Wellness

A Corporate Yoga and Wellness plan encourages and allows employees to pause, hit their refresh button, clear the mental clutter and bring their most creative, innovative and productive selves to both their work and their lives in general. 

Recent studies on workplace facilitated wellness programs reveal that corporations realize $3-$6 dollars in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs and an average of 25% reduction in healthcare costs overall. (American Journal of Health Promotion).

With many employees now working remotely in this current Covid 19 climate, our Virtual Wellness Program offers a safe, green, flexible opportunity for your employees to stay healthy while still being able to stay engaged and enjoy camaraderie and connection with their co-workers and teams.

Kat McGee Yoga & Transformational Coaching's Online Studio is an excellent option to make available to your staff and as an addition to an existing wellness program. 



Our online subscription offers:

  • Live Stream classes Monday-Friday
  • Replay links of all classes so your employees can participate regardless of time zone
  • Specifically created and customizable for your Organization:
    • Wellness Workshops
    • Virtual Retreats
    • Team Engagement Classes on Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Techniques
    • Quarterly Live Stream Employee Engagement Events (Curated based on your company culture and ranging from facilitated discussion groups and team milestone celebrations to happy hours and company dance parties)